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5 Tips on How Salespeople Should Use Social Media

In this episode, Bill and Bryan review five tips that they find most salespeople are still NOT using when it comes to simple social media.

They work with hundreds of salespeople and executives and it bewilders them that some of the most basic tactics are still not employed. These five can be implemented within 24 hours, if you desire. Good luck.

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[MAILBAG] Call Reluctance and How To Demonstrate Value – 2 Problems, 2 Solutions

From the mailbag of listeners this week, two topics come up:

  • 1) Call Reluctance. A listener seems to have a little bit of it and we have some thoughts (all good, of course) on what to do about it.
  • 2) How Can I Demonstrate Value BEFORE the Sale? A listener struggles with this especially since his product is a premium product.

Two great topics that affect virtually every sales and account manager.

If you have a question to submit to the mailbag, write us at listener@advancedsellingpodcast.com

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Top 5 Advanced Selling Podcast Episodes of All Time on iTunes

Top 5 Advanced Selling Podcast Episodes on iTunes

Requested by a passionate listener, we’ve assembled the top five podcasts downloaded on iTunes.

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#1. When Your Prospect Wont Call You Back

Last week, one of Bill’s clients was frustrated with a common sales issue, “How do I get the prospect to call me back?”…


#2. If You’re In Sales, You’re In Marketing

This cast takes a question from a listener and expands it to “a marketing tool kit for sales people.” You cannot rely on…


#3. The Three Things To Do RIGHT NOW To Get Started in Social Media

You’ve heard all the lists of things to do to get social media working for you…but today we have a REAL expert…


#4. The Habits of the High Performers

What can we learn from sales people who are new to the profession…or from one who wants to reset his career? Simple…


#5. Finding Prospect Pain

Bill returns from Green Bay having worked with a group of sales people who were seeking knowledge and skills about how to find “prospect pain.” In this episode

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Negative Thinking Could Mean Better Results

Is that really possible? Think ‘negatively’? Yep, that’s what we’re saying.

In this episode, we share a module that Bryan recently taught at a client where they prepared for the ‘worst case scenario’ in the sales process. Each tip Bill and Bryan give have both a market application (outer game) and a mindset application (inner game).

They provide insightful tips for the following sales scenarios:

  • How to handle a deal that has become stuck or stalled
  • How to handle price resistance

Some of this topic comes from Bob Knight’s new book, The Power of Negative Thinking – An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results.

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Sales People Who Work From Home

Tons of books have been written about work-at-home habits, but in today’s episode, we’ll deal with them from the sales standpoint.
Some listeners might be a permanent work-at-home fixture. Others might work from there temporarily. Regardless, it can be your MOST productive place OR you worst nightmare.

Hear what Bill and Bryan have to say about the pluses and minuses.

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Telling Your Story – A Checklist

In this episode, Bill and Bryan talk about how to tell your story so people see your distinction.

There’s a lot written today about the use of the resume, or the bio or the story in your messaging. We believe it’s vital that you have your story down cold – and this podcast gives you a checklist to make sure you do.

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Is It Possible That Asking Questions Is the Wrong Thing To Do?

The answer to that question might cause you a little pain yourself. When you approach a prospect by asking them questions designed to find out what’s bothering them so you can sell them a solution, you might miss TONS of opportunity.

In this podcast, Bill and Bryan get into a model they use to help you know how to find problems the customer doesn’t even know they have.

Also mentioned in this podcast:

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  • Download the Top 10 Common Issues list Bill uses with prospects and clients
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[PART 2] Expert Interview with Head Coach Lin Dunn on Personal Leadership

Lin Dunn - Expert Interview on The Advanced Selling PodcastWe come back to the two-part interview with WNBA championship coach Lin Dunn of the Indiana Fever, who continues with the lessons she’s learned about leadership and inspiring her team.

Remember, even though some of you aren’t basketball fans, we wanted to bring you successful people from all walks of life and learn what they know about inspiring people.

→ Listen to Part 1 of the interview

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[PART 1] Expert Interview with Head Coach Lin Dunn on Basketball and Business Success

Lin Dunn - Expert Interview on The Advanced Selling Podcast

This is the first of a two-part series of our interview with Coach Lin Dunn of the Indianapolis Fever of the WNBA. Part 2 will be released on January 14, 2013.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “What does the WNBA have to do with my business success?” Well, maybe nothing…however…if you haven’t heard Lin Dunn speak before, you’re in for a treat.

She has been successful as a coach at every level of women’s basketball and even wnba.com refers to her as,”One of the most successful women’s basketball coaches in history.”  Lin’s message with Brooke and Bill has little to do with basketball and a lot to do with the “attributes of success.” Her style is folksy…but her message is poignant.


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9 Things We Love in 2012

the advanced selling podcast - our favorite things from 2012Bill, Bryan and Brooke give voice to what their favorite things are in the business world. From software tools to training videos to food stuff (okay well that’s not in the business world).

The trio tell you what gets them juiced about this time of year!

We wish every Listener a happy holiday and a prosperous 2013!


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